Applied Research

SETC applied research is in the form of integrated farming, such as agricultural cultivation, animal husbandry, network culture, food processing and agricultural industry techniques. Academic journals, research results and innovation by colleges, research institutions, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and Department of Agriculture, as well as by businessmen with tested research results are the materials SETC uses and applies. This research is implemented for SETC’s land, cattle, tissue culture laboratory and human resources.

At SETC applied research can be used to deliver and disseminate an innovation, a method or product based on the results. One example of this is the applied research on rice cultivation using the Rice Intensification System, an agricultural intensification program of the Ministry of Agriculture, where the cultivation system of one plant in one hole in not the usual method for farmers. Through applied research with a cadre of farmers, they could see the real results of this applied research and asked SETC to disseminate it to the farmers.

The following are the results of the applied research produced by SETC (No English Version Available):

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