PPK Sampoerna Expo

The SETC Expo held since 2009 supports the synergized development of multiple parties to accelerate entrepreneurship development specifically for entrepreneurs (SETC assisted SMEs and entrepreneurs/the community in general). The SETC Expo is a meeting point for multiple stakeholders. It also shows the real results of Sampoerna’s CSR programs, expands networking and markets SME products.

The Trade Mark SETC Expo is a quality activity consisting of exhibitions, seminars and free entrepreneurship practice demos featuring the current top motivators and involving relevant stakeholders (Academics, Business, the Government and Community) and beneficial for the development of SMEs.

The theme of each SETC Expo is a phrase in achieving community welfare objectives. These are the themes taken by SETC Expos:

  • 2009: ”Food Sustainability and Creative Industry
  • 2010: ”Creative Industry Opportunities
  • 2011: ”Limitless Entrepreneurship
  • 2012: ”Toward Brilliant Entrepreneurship
  • 2013: ”From Nothing to Something”
  • 2014: ”Everybody CAN (Innovate Everytime)
  • 2015: ”Dare to Dream, Dare to Succeed
  • 2016: ”Pride in Indonesian SMEs”
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