Our Organization

SETC is a CSR Facility of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk under Corporate Affairs with implementation under stakeholder regional relations & CSR. It is the responsibility of the Manager of Stakeholder Relations & CSR Facilities, and is assigned to the Coordinator of CSR Facilities.

Management of the 27 hectare SETC area, representing the social responsibility of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk, (“Sampoerna”), as an integrated entrepreneurship training center to encourage the growth and development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in agriculture and vocational technology, requires a professional partner, a third party daily operational manager. In general SETC’s partners consist of three institutions:

  1. Security and orderliness at the SETC area.
  2. Facility maintenance (land, cattle, buildings, equipment and parks, etc.)
  3. Applied research, entrepreneurship training, assistance, community learning, disaster training, networking and market expansion.
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