Assistance & Market Networking

SETC’s assistance functions are:

  • Disseminating information

The dissemination of technology tested by SETC is given to the community in the form of an innovation demo for the community. This dissemination is not limited to the technology tested at SETC, but also from government programs such as the dissemination Home Industry Licensing, a license from the Health Department for food and beverage producers as proof of responsibility to the consumers; the dissemination of export and import procedures for SMEs and the dissemination of the agricultural cultivation of rice plants by the Rice Intensification System method

  • Assistance

Assistance for SMEs is given based on the needs of the SME. SETC has assisted products in the packaging, labeling and design, and has assisted in environment sanitation, management of small enterprises, 5R (neat, concise, rehearsed, patient and diligent), improvement of the quality of products and the dissection of the product. SETC has also deconstructed products of certain types considered successful for ATI (Observe, Copy, and Innovate) improvement, both in physical form and pricing.

  • Development of Community Learning Centers

SETC holds regular monthly meetings with SMEs as an information center to strengthen them while learning together. SMEs take turns to speak to train their communication skill and share their knowledge and experiences in business.

  • Market Expansion Line

SETC acts as a bond and brace for innovative, productive and efficient MSMEs to develop local economies. SETC’s main function is to search for and create markets, as well as to guarantee the quantity, quality and continuity of MSME’s products in local and wider markets. SETC’s market expansion line also operates a data and information service program, offers advocacy and consultancy, mediation, networking and publication services. For instance, the market expansion line provides a notification if a consumer requests sachet packaging for an instant herbal product. Markets in certain segments prefer to not use the word “jamu” as has a bitter and old fashioned association, so they prefer the term “Herbal Instant”.
The assisted SMEs’ market expansion forum is available at Sampoerna’s internal events, such as Sampoerna Employees Cooperatives, the SETC Gallery and external expos. These expos are not only for market expansion, but also let SMEs know about each other’s positions and any comparisons between them. SME progress is a forum where SMEs can place their eligible products (labeling, packaging & license from the health office). The yearly market expansion event is held at the SETC Expo.



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