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Message From Sampoerna’s President Director


At Sampoerna, we believe that the success of an enterprise is not only judged by the business performance of the company, but also by our ability to provide positive and sustainable contributions to the wider community. Under the umbrella of “Sampoerna untuk Indonesia” (SUI) social responsibility we aim not only to develop the nation and the Indonesian people, but also to provide inspiration, motivation and a means for the community to do the best for both themselves and Indonesia.

SUI activities and programs consist of four main pillars: Access to Education, Economic Opportunity, Women Empowerment and Emergency Response and Preparedness. One example of this is the support provided by Sampoerna’s Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC).

SETC is one of the efforts from Sampoerna to empower and develop local community economies. The key to achieving this goal is realizing community economic independence through effective and participative empowerment programs. Therefore, “Sampoerna untuk Indonesia,” through SETC, constantly encourages economic opportunities initiatives to help communities in need realize a better standard of living for the future of Indonesian families.

We hope this site can introduce SETC to all Sampoerna’s stakeholders and the wider community throughout Indonesia and can become a part of our contribution to Indonesia.


Paul Norman Janelle

President Director

Message From Sampoerna’s Corporate Affairs Director


Sampoerna’s Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC) is presented by PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) to become a model of community development in the field of entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Established in 2007 at Pasuruan in East Java, now for almost a decade, SETC has received 68,000 visitors and trained more than 27,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as other beneficiaries.

To date SETC has been involved in starting more than 3,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, and for this SETC has received multiple awards from many institutions, from both the government and private companies, including: Awards from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs for supporting SMEs development in 2012 and from Pinnacle Group International for the best community program in 2015, and the Indonesian CSR Award in 2011.

This update to SETC’s site aims to introduce and disseminate information regarding SETC’s educational programs. This site is expected to help businessmen and Indonesian MSMEs register for the training we provide, access free modules and ask questions about entrepreneurship in agriculture, farming and fishery.

We hope this SETC site can be a useful platform and encourage Indonesians to participate as trainees, volunteers or simply visitors.


Troy J. Modlin

Director of Corporate Affairs

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